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beginning the rebuilding process, tonight we show you how crews are clearing the scene in a san bruno neighborhood. but first, a teen tragedy. one person dead, several injured after the car they were in crashed into a cattle truck. i want to show you a map where wherethe accident happened. kron 4's reggie was at the accident skite. he joins us live with the later information. >> reporter: it's been an
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emotional day for students and staff here at novato high school. many are still in shock about what happened. >> reporter: friends and class mates of the 5 students lit candles and consoled one another. all of them came to remember and pray for the 15-year-old student that was killed and the 16 and 17-year-olds still clinging to life. >> i was in shock. it's so surreal that it could happen that fast. horrible. we had our -- every 15 minutes, which is a program they put on the schools about drunk driving and how you shouldn't drink and drive. >> he was a good die gi. very well known. he was the office ta 3rd period. he liked sports. >> reporter: the teen driver of
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may have been speeding up to 80 marina 50 mile-an-hour zone. the driver spun out of control as he game into this curb and ended in the path of this big rig. investigators found alcohol containers inside the call all the teens were in. the driver's name has not been released. he faces four charges. that driver and another teen involved in the crash have minor to moderate injuries and are still recovering tonight. as for the truck driver involved, he has been involved as ken smith, he was not injured. reggie, kron 4 news. >> we want to show you the
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scene in san jose. after learning of the crash the mood was somber. for many of the players, students and players that game. >> they were our best friends. shocking. can't believe they would do that. >> very sad. this is the worst piece of news a parent could receive to hear your could was in an accident or has died. >> many of the teens say the football game was dedicated to the victims. this is a u.s. air ways flight going from phoenix to kahului, hawaii. the pilot declared an emergency in the air because of smoke in the cockpit. all 175 passengers got out safely. no word yet on a cause.
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a live look on radar. well defined storm to the north. spread rain earlier this evening. this wave shouldn't miss us, it's going to move through tomorrow into sunday. we are seeing dense fog close to the coast. patchy fog moves inland tonight. tomorrow, cloudy conditions and muggy as we see the moisture push in. there is a slight chance of showers in the north bay tomorrow. showers sunday morning. new details in the san bruno gas line explosion. pg&e said it waskerred about liquids. they said it has those concerns last year. the ntsb says it's looking
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atticarosion as a possible cause. meanwhile, crews began clearing some of the lots of the red tagged homes today. the health department warns it could be tainted with toxic chemicals. pg&e says it's starting to give out thousands of dollars to residents who live in the area. >> reporter: burned out cars and the chard framing of homes during the gas line explosion haven't moved. the area remains frozen. >> they can do it on their own or we gave the option to sign up and allow the county access to their home. 57 crew can clean up one property a day. >> they go through a number of steps. there will be testing down at the site. at the end of the process each
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property has a certification saying it's safe and no conditions for what they want to put on the property. >> reporter: residents were thinking over their options. carrying photos of his damaged home trying to figurier out what she going to do. they says how quickly this moves depends on how early the residents sign up. >> there is safety concerns. i don't have immediate health concerns. if this material remains for any length of time we would have health concerns. >> reporter: homeowners who mire their own contractor have to foot the bill. those who decide to sign up with they contractor, the county will foot the entire bill. kate thompson, kron 4 news. this is the seen in daily city tonight as family held a
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vigil for jessica morales. she was at her boyfriend's house and the explosion happened. joe gomez is badly burned trying to rescue jessica. her funeral is tomorrow. she will be laid to rest on monday. thousands of attended this memorial at the san francisco church for jacqueline greig and her daughter, who was an 8 grader. classes there were canceled so student could attend the service. loved one says it made them realize the importance of cherishing every day. you can head to where we have cover on the incident. nerves tonight in east bay apartment community.
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a new rape happened there. how residents acted and how the management company plans to keep people safe when kron 4 news returns. her nose would grow? newspapers report the claims in this meg whitman ad are false. and she knows it. taxes went down under jerry brown. but whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions.
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meg whitman's nose keeps growing. whitman says california lost jobs under jerry brown. turns out 1.9 million jobs were created. she spent millions saying jerry brown raised taxes. fact is brown cut 4 billion in taxes. but whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions.
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new details about assaults. there has been a fourth assault reported. we want to show you where they are happening on oak road. kron 4's jonathan bloom talks to resident about security. >> reporter: it happened again, this latest assault is unrelated to the string of sexual assaults. police tell us they are 100% positive this is a different assailant. residents told us they are not feeling safe and some said they won't feel safe until new security precautions are put in
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place. >> what would make you feel safer? >> security call back. >> reporter: although the manager would not talk to us, a spokesman told us they are considering additional safety precautions. pedestrian can walk into the complex. jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. >> announcer: storm sets in this week and i will tell you when the rin will hit and how much we will see in just a few minutes.
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[ male announcer ] jerry brown's good old days. but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california.
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travelers. the goal is to become profitable and that goal led them to join force. it will be called united airlines but the planes will be painted incontinental colors. now people worry it will mean higher air fairs. if you fly in and out of san francisco, oakland ticket prices will likely stay the same that's because west and jet blue should keep united honest. large cities, you will be okay. for those flying to or returning from smaller cities that's where the prices will go up. airlines in the smaller airports up their prices when passengers have fewer options. they will close the deal within two weeks and that would be
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united will become the biggest airline in the world. kron 4 news. >> united has a paintitance center at sfo. the man who will lead the airline says layoffs are coming. experts say the mergers should have minimal affects on bay area workers. >> depending on the routes, the front line will not see that much changes. there will be some, but you would nazi massive layoff. >> the government signed off on the merger. the only road block now is a lawsuit. several peages asked a judge to block the deal. storms set to impact this
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weekend. starting tomorrow, increased moisture in the air. that makes it feel muggy out there. cloudy skys and 30% chance of showers. i don't think we will see rain tomorrow, it will be sunday early in the morning. then dry in the afternoon. if you have outdoor plans push them to the afternoon. cooler temperatures prevail through the weekend, especially on sunday. check it out. very well defined to the north. we are dry right now, this is the second wave that pushes through tomorrow. mostly on sunday. 4:00 a.m., you can see the showers approaching the north bay. we have a uniformed band here at 8:00 a.m. 10:00 light showers over the north bay, golden gate and
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along the coast line. lingering showers over the north bay. by 3:00, done. not expecting a lot of rain. it's not going to be a huge rain maker. this is odd to see rain this early in the year. cooler temperatures. next week, drier and warmer conditions are expected. >> the 33 trapped chilean minors opened a new bore hole. 2,000 feet underground. >> reporter: it's the best news yet. it is 12 inches wide but it's a big improvement on the smaller holes used to deliver food, water and medicine. the next step is to widen the hole to 26 inches. once that stage is completed in 5-6 weeks they will be able to
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lower a rescue cage. the cage is a tight fit. the minors may have to be blind folded and sudaded to avoid panicking. >> they were saying it would take 2-1/2 minors to bring them to surface. the giants try to make their stay at the top last more than one day and cal takes on november. gary has highlights and all your sports next.
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giants have been hot but did they hit the wall. 42,000 jammed in, gave away
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20,000 buster posey t-shirts. madison kick, save and a beauty. he worked 5, gave up 9 hits, two runs. here is one. bad timing. milwaukee came in, milwaukee up 3-0. giants only got three hits tonight. randy wolf sits down huff to end it. the giants, one of their porrest performances of the year, their shut out 3-0. padres and the cardinals. if you are a baseball fan, you are routeing for the cardinals to knock off the padres. matt, worst start of his career, allowed 8 runs. padres lose for the 16th
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timeout of 22 games. 14-4 cardinals. padres half game back of the giants and here comes, not the dodgers, joe torre is going, this is his last season as the manager. don mattingly is going to replace him. and troy says good-bye joe. jimenez won his 19th game, 17-5 colorado. giants on top, padres, colorado, a great race with two weeks to go. the a's, playing out the string. a win tonight and ron's twin tied with the yankees for the best record in baseball. a's, with brett anderson.
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there you go. final score, a's 3-1. again, at this point, what is the difference? the a's, mark ellis doing it from the outfield grass. california football. >> this is crazy. >> watch this. >> do we have to keep talking about it? >> nev reno wins. brought the bears within three. he had 20 carries 200 yards. three scores. you are not supposed to lose to reno, you are not. you play and win by 20. >> is it like losing to davis? is that what you are trying to say. >> 52-31. reno is 3-1 and the bears 2-1.
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how is davis doing? do you follow them? nobody cares. you know what? i like you but we can't talk sports, there is nothing between us. somebody will e-mail, he told that woman nothing is between them. we need something for next week. [inaudible] visited northern lights school, nonprofits, where he went to school himself. he is donating time and money as part of the jason kidd foundation. there he is. that's his business. here we go. olympic gold medalist, johnny
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mosley, ambassador for the house of air. there he is. i imagine [inaudible]. >> a lot of burn doing that. >> wonderful. >> good night. i inherited my father's '69 norton commando.
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